HI~ I'm Hokyun Im.


I am majoring in electrical and electronic engineering at Yonsei University.

Currently, I'll work as an intern at RLLAB under the guidance of Professor Youngwoon Lee!

My interest is the intersection of robotics and AI. I want to study how to use AI to make robots more intelligent and interactive in the real world. Especially interested in decision making, reasoning, planning for robots in online environments

My Works

2024 AI Drone Challenge JEJU
Yonsei Drone ( Hokyun Im, Geonha Seo, Seongha Yoon, Seungwon Kim )
1st Place

This competition utilizes a given drone platform indoors. It is a mission to recognize markers indoors, plan routes, photograph markers given everywhere, and land accurately at the destination in the shortest time while avoiding obstacles through autonomous driving.

2023 Korea Robot-Aircraft Competition
Yonsei Drone,
2nd Place
Github Youtube Notion

The competition aims to create a drone that can fly autonomously so that pizza can be accurately delivered to the veranda of the building in urban situations. We used PX4, RTK-GPS-based hexacopters and Depth Camera-based local planners. In the veranda approach process, the detection model and the depth fusion were performed, and the landing process was conducted through RL.

Urban Problem Solving Competition Using Seoul Citizen Data 2022(DACON)
Hokyun Im, Seunghyun Kim, Gun Lee, Hyunjin Hong,
3rd Place
project page

Seoul Metropolitan Subway Preferential Fees Analysis of the effect of reduction. Focusing on improving traffic congestion and the cost of freight opportunities.

Cocktail Bar based on Arduino. Roboin-CJENM R&D Project
Hokyun Im, 양혜림, 윤두섭, 이승원, 김원석,
Github YoutubeVideo1 YoutubeVideo2

Build a cocktail bar with Arduino and make it possible to order using a tablet application. Composed of YouTube content in collaboration with media company.

Previously, I worked as a research intern at MLCS Lab under the Prof. Jongeun Choi, CLVR Lab under the Prof. Joseph J. Lim.

Former president of Yonsei Drone 4th

Yonsei Artifitial Intelligence(YAI) 11th