How to remove pip/conda cache?

When you work through conda and pip, because of cache, the version doesn't fit or the capacity is so large that you have to erase …


Using tensorrt in python virtual environment(venv, virtualenv) on jetson

In Jetson Jetpack environment, TensorRT is preinstalled and python wrapper is also installed.

But, If we use python venv, and tries to import tensorrt, the …

Jetson tensorrt venv symlink

How to install ros dependencies using rosdep?

When I clone some ros packages from github and do catkin_make. Sometimes it failed because there are no dependencies of this package installed. And …

ros rosdep

iptime 공유기 포트 포워딩 설정

집 컴퓨터로 서버를 열거나, 외부에서 집 컴퓨터, 각종 기기에 접속할 때 공유기를 거치는 경우가 많다. 이런 네트워크 연결은 ip 주소와 포트를 통해 이루어진다.

예를 들어 …

iptime 포트포워딩

Jetson Orin NX FanMode Setting

Jetson Orin's Defaut Fan mode is quite. And I ran some Deep Learning models, Orin easliy getting throttled.

So I want to make Fan faster,,,, …